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352 p. · 16x24 cm · Hardback
Injury guilds: A practical approach for managing pest losses to soybean/ Recent developments in sorghum entomology research/ Stored-products entomology in the tropics/ Current approaches to cassava pest management in subtropical Africa/ From behaviour to control: The development of trap and target techniques for tsetse fly population management/ Anhydrobiotic nematodes/ The biology and control of the plant parasitic nematode Rotylenchulus Reniformis/ Resistance in plants to cyst and root-knot nematodes/ The utilization of organic wastes by earthworms/ Index
A hardback review series which draws together information about agriculturally important animals, both beneficial and injurious - information which is at present scattered throughout many primary research journals. Each volume contains 9 or 10 up-to-date review articles written by internationally-acknowledged experts.These volumes will be particularly useful to agricultural zoologists and applied biologists worldwide, and to academic staff and students who are concerned with biology and environmental science, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.