Plant MicroRNAs, 1st ed. 2019
Methods and Protocols

Methods in Molecular Biology Series, Vol. 1932

Coordinator: de Folter Stefan

Language: Anglais

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320 p. · 17.8x25.4 cm · Hardback
This detailed volume provides a collection of protocols for the study of miRNA functions in plants. Beginning with coverage of miRNA function, biogenesis, activity, and evolution in plants, the book continues by guiding readers through methods on the identification and detection of plant miRNAs, bioinformatic analyses, and strategies for functional analyses of miRNAs. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. 

Authoritative and cutting-edge, Plant MicroRNAs: Method and Protocols aims to ensure successful results in the further study of this vital area of plant science.

1. An Introduction to Methods for Discovery and Functional Analysis of MicroRNAs in Plants

            Alma Armenta-Medina and C. Stewart Gillmor


2. The Plant MicroRNA Pathway: The Production and Action Stages

            Joseph L. Pegler, Christopher P. Grof, and Andrew L. Eamens


3. Plant miRNA Conservation and Evolution

            Lydia Gramzow and Günter Theißen


4. Bioinformatic Analysis of Small RNA Sequencing Libraries

            Ricardo A. Chávez Montes, Fabiola Jaimes Miranda, and Stefan de Folter


5. An Overview of miRNA and miRNA Target Analysis Tools

            Anna Lukasik and Piotr Zielenkiewicz


6. miRLocator: A Python Implementation and Web Server for Predicting miRNAs from Pre-miRNA Sequences

            Ting Zhang, Lie Ju, Jingjing Zhai, Yujia Song, Jie Song, and Chuang Ma


7. Prediction of Plant miRNA Targets

            Priyanka Pandey, Prashant K. Srivastava, and Shree P. Pandey


8. Isolation and Detection Methods of Plant miRNAs

            Pedro Fernando Vera Hernández, Stefan de Folter, and Flor de Fátima Rosas Cárdenas


9. Northern Blot Analysis of MicroRNAs and Other Small RNAs in Plants

            Carlos De la Rosa and José Luis Reyes


10. miRNA Detection by Stem-Loop RT-qPCR in Studying MicroRNA Biogenesis and MicroRNA Responsiveness to Abiotic Stresses

            Aleksandra Smoczynska, Pawel Sega, Agata Stepien, Katarzyna Knop, Artur Jarmolowski, Andrzej Pacak, and Zofia Szweykowska-Kulinska


11. Detection of miRNAs by Tissue Printing and Dot Blot Hybridization

            Marcelino Martínez Núñez, Stefan de Folter, and Flor de Fátima Rosas Cárdenas


12. In Situ Localization of Small RNAs in Plants

            Cristina F. Marco, Damianos S. Skopelitis, and Marja C.P. Timmermans


13. Expression Pattern of Plant miRNAs by Classical Transcriptional Fusion Constructs

            Andrea Tovar-Aguilar, Karla A. Sánchez-Elizondo, Alejandra Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Marcos I. González-Jaime, Genaro Patino-Lopez, Vadim Perez-Koldenkova, Jesus A. Badillo-Corona, and Noé Durán-Figueroa


14. A Simple Protocol for Imaging Floral Tissues of Arabidopsis with Confocal Microscopy

            Andrea Gómez-Felipe and Stefan de Folter


15. Degradome Sequencing in Plants

            Shih-Shun Lin, Yihua Chen, and Mei-Yeh Jade Lu


16. Functional Analysis of Root MicroRNAs by a Constitutive Overexpression Approach in a Composite Plant System

            Damien Formey, José Ángel Martín-Rodríguez, and Georgina Hernández


17. The Use of MicroRNA Decoy Technologies to Inhibit miRNA Function in Arabidopsis

            Gigi Wong and Anthony A. Millar


18. Mimicry Technology: A Versatile Tool for Small RNA Suppression

            Luis Manuel Villar-Martin and Ignacio Rubio-Somoza


19. Design and High-Throughput Generation of Artificial Small RNA Constructs for Plants

            Alberto Carbonell


20. Detection of MicroRNA Processing Intermediates through RNA Ligation Approaches

            Belen Moro, Arantxa M.L Rojas, and Javier F. Palatnik


21. Analysis of Methylation Status of Plant MicroRNAs

            Susu Chen and Guodong Ren


22. Detection of Slicer Activity by Immunopurified Plant ARGONAUTE1

            Laura Arribas-Hernández, Maria Louisa Vigh, and Peter Brodersen


23. The Isolation of Total and Membrane-Bound Polysomes from Arabidopsis and the Detection of Their Associated AGO1 and sRNAs

            Shengben Li


24. Immunolocalization to Study ARGONAUTE Proteins in Developing Ovules of the Brassicaceae

            Gloria León-Martínez, Edgar Demesa-Arévalo, and Jean-Philippe Vielle-Calzada


25. Detection of Histone Modifications Associated with miRNAs

            Sara Hernández-Castellano and Clelia De-la-Peña

Includes cutting-edge techniques

Provides step-by-step detail essential for reproducible results

Contains key implementation advice from the experts