Soil Clays
Geology, Biology, Agriculture, and the Environment


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Soils underpin human survival and environmental quality; however, they are infinitely variable. The clays present in soil dictate the ability of the soil to support and sustain the growth of plants, retain organic matter, and host useful microbes. This book describes the origin of soil clays, occurrences, and influences their mode of formation has on soil. It provides a new understanding of the nature of clay minerals, clay surface chemistry, and clay-organic-nutrient-water interactions relevant to soil function and environmental outcomes. The book aims to improve predictions of important properties of soils through understanding their highly reactive clay minerals in soils worldwide.

Introduction. Soils: Definition and Range. Origin of Soils in Geological Time. Soil Science. Clays Definition: Silicates and Oxides. Ideal Basic Structures. Soil Clays vs Type Clays. Prospects of Soil Clays. Explaining Useful Properties of Soils for Agriculture and the Environment. Formation of Soil Clays. Factors in Formation: Rock Minerals. Biology and Organic Matter. Climate. Ease of Drainage. Anthropological. Driving Forces for Alteration and Transformation of Rock Minerals: Physical, Chemical, and Biological. Alteration of Rock Minerals in Lower Horizons of Soils. Transformation of Clays and Formation of New Clay Minerals in Alterite Zone. Occurrences of Soil Clays. Extraction and Analysis. Inorganic Interactions. Reactions with Organic Matter. Effects of Soil Clays on Applications: Agriculture and Environment. Prospects for Explaining/Predicting Useful Soil Properties from their Soil Clays.