Volatiles and Food Security, 1st ed. 2017
Role of Volatiles in Agro-ecosystems

Coordinators: Choudhary Devendra K., Sharma Anil K., Agarwal Prachi, Varma Ajit, Tuteja Narendra

Language: Anglais

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This book presents research on volatiles produced by microbes and plants along with their biotechnological implications for sustainable agriculture. A greater understanding of how plants and microbes live together and benefit each other can provide new strategies to improve plant productivity, while at the same time helping to protect the environment and maintain global biodiversity. To date, the use of chemicals to enhance plant growth or induced resistance in plants has been limited due to the negative effects and the difficulty in determining the optimal concentrations to benefit the plant. The book discusses extensive studies on biological alternatives that avoid these problems, and the research presented suggests that these compounds could offer an environmentally sound means to better grow and protect plants under greenhouse or field conditions. To understand the nature of VOCs and gene expression profiling of plant genes responding against these compounds can be conducted. It is possible that VOCs produced by microbes while colonizing roots are generated at sufficient concentrations to trigger plant responses. In conclusion, positive or negative effects of VOCs on plant productivity will be dependent on upon specific VOCs microbial strain, plant genotype, and presence/absence of abiotic/biotic stresses

Chapter 1. Plant Volatile Compounds in Growth.- Chapter 2. Characterization of Bacterial Volatiles and Their Impact on Plant Health Under Abiotic Stress.- Chapter 3. Soil Reclamation Through Phytoextraction and Phytovolatilization.- Chapter 4. Microbial Volatiles in Defense.- Chapter 5. Volatiles in the Rhizosphere: Bioprospecting for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security.- Chapter 6. Volatile Organic Compounds in Food Security: The Role of Neglected and Underutilized Legumes.- Chapter 7. Plant Volatiles and Defense.- Chapter 8. Microbial Volatile in Defense.- Chapter 9. Plant Essential Oils for Controlling Plant Pathogenic Fungi.- Chapter 10. Bacterial Volatiles: Potential Applications in Plant Growth and Health.- Chapter 11. Bacterial Volatile in Rhizosphere.- Chapter 12. Microbial Volatiles as Chemical Weapons against Pathogenic Fungi.- Chapter 13. Race of Arms: Herbivores Induced Volatiles and their Co-Evolution.- Chapter 14. Potential of Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds for Crop Protection Against Phytopathogenic Fungi.- Chapter 15. Herbivore Induced Plant Volatiles.- Chapter 16. Bacterial Volatiles in Promotion of Plant Under Biotic Stress.- Chapter 17. Fungal Volatile Organic Compounds: Emphasis on Their Plant Growth-Promotion.- Chapter 18. Bacterial Volatiles for Plant Growth.- Chapter 19. Microbial Volatiles and Plant Defense.

Demonstrates the utility of volatile organic compounds  in plants growth and defence

Explores innovative microbial strategies for plant productivity

Enriches the understanding of role and effect of volatile organic compounds under biotic and abiotic stress