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This book is a compendium of current information on all aspects of cyst nematodes. It provides comprehensive coverage of their biology, management, morphology and diagnostics, in addition to up-to-date information on molecular aspects of taxonomy, host-parasitic relationships and resistances of these economically important parasites.

Written by a team of international experts, Cyst Nematodes will be invaluable to all researchers, lecturers and students in nematology, parasitology, agriculture and agronomy, industries with an interest in chemical and biological control products for management of plant-parasitic nematodes, and any courses, quarantine and advisory services.
- 1: Cyst Nematodes – Life Cycle and Economic Importance
- 2: Genomics and Transcriptomics– a Revolution in the Study of Cyst Nematode Biology
- 3: Hatch, Survival and Sensory Perception
- 4: Biology of Effectors
- 5: Biochemistry
- 6: Role of Population Dynamics and Damage Thresholds in Cyst Nematode Management
- 7: Quarantine, Distribution Patterns and Sampling
- 8: Mechanisms of Resistance to Cyst Nematodes
- 9: Resistance Breeding
- 10: Plant Biotechnology Approaches: from Breeding to Genome Editing
- 11: Biological Control of Cyst Nematodes through Microbial Pathogens, Endophytes and Antagonists
- 12: Interactions with Other Pathogens
- 13: Field Management and Control Strategies
- 14: General Morphology of Cyst Nematodes
- 15: Taxonomy, Identification and Principal Species
- 16: Molecular Taxonomy and Phylogeny
- 17: Biochemical and Molecular Identification
- Researchers and lecturers in nematology, parasitology, plant pathology, agriculture and agronomy
- Postgraduate students
- Industry personnel interested in chemical and biological control product
R. N. Perry, University of Hertfordshire, UK

M. Moens, Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Belgium

J. T. Jones, The James Hutton Institute, UK