Spatial databases : A tour


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288 p. · 23.5x17.8 cm · Hardback
For courses in Databases, Geographic Information Systems, Geography, Remote Sensing, Multimedia Information, Civil and Mechanical Engineering and Forestry as well as courses in CAD/CAM, Health Informatics, and Natural Resource Management.
This text provides students with the basics in the application and methods of spatial database management systems. It balances theory (cutting-edge research) and practice (commercial trends).
1. Introduction to Spatial Databases.
2. Spatial Concepts and Data Models.
3. Spatial Query Language.
4. Spatial Storage and Indexing.
5. Query Processing and Optimization.
6. Spatial Networks.
7. Spatial Data Mining.
8. Trends: Raster Database.
  • Overview of spatial databases, provides students with a comprehensive and clear overview.
  • Coverage of GIS application trends as spatial networks, offers students discussion on the fastest-growing application of GIS.
  • Discussion of spatial data mining, provides students with the most current coverage of this quickly growing computing area.
  • Overview of OGIS standard spatial datatypes and operations, allows students to try out examples on a database and gain hands-on experience.
  • Problem solving and lab exercises at the end of each chapter, allows students to apply concepts in discussion.
  • Object-relational database framework applied in each chapter, keeps students updated on this trend in commercial applications.