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Search on the subject Explosives, dangerous materials :

We found 4 books matching Explosives, dangerous materials

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  1. Author : DANIEL Jacques
    Language: French
    In Print (Delivery period: 25 days).
  2. Author : SUN Yan
    Language: English
    01-2010328 p.
    In Print (Delivery period: 14 days).
    Hardback Approximative price 275.92 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  3. Author : DUGUET Jean-René
    Language: English
    10-2009221 p.
    This small paperback book is packed with information on the chemistry and mechanics of initiation and has extensive chapters on: - General outline. - Explosives and Production Processes. -...
    In stock: 24 hours delivery!
    Paperback 50.00 € Add to cartAdd to cart
  4. Couverture de l'ouvrage Les poudres, propergols et explosifs Tome 3 : les poudres pour armes
    Author : QUINCHON Jean
    Language: French
    01-1986240 p.
    Nomenclature et éléments de définition. Formulation et formes. Aspects théoriques de la gélatinisation des nitrocelluloses. Préambule à la fabrication des poudres homogènes. Fabrication des...
    In stock: 24 hours delivery!
    Paperback 44.00 € Add to cartAdd to cart