Distillation design


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710 p. · 16x23.5 cm · Hardback
Distillation is practised in many industries. This book is a companion volume to "Distillation Operation", and it aims to continue the updated account of this evolving separation process. It shows design procedures, practical limitations and solutions to typical problems.

Part 1: Vapor Liquid Equilibrium. Basic Principles. K-Value Calculation. Experimental and Literature Sources.
Part 2: Key Fractionation Concepts. Theoretical Stages. x-y Diagrams - Simple Columns. x-y Diagrams Complex Columns. Application to Multicomponent Distillation Simple Columns. Application to Multicomponent Distillation Complex Columns.
Part 3: Column Process Design. Problem Definition and Basic Decisions. Reflux and Stages: Shortcut Methods. Rigorous Stage by Stage Computation.
Part 4: Energy Savings. Energy Saving Designs. Energy Saving Operations.
Part 5: Tray Efficiency. The Tray Efficiency Concept. Tray Efficiency Prediction. Tray Efficiency in Industrial Columns. Tray Efficiency Testing.