Endotoxin Detection and Control in Pharma, Limulus, and Mammalian Systems, 1st ed. 2019

Coordinator: Williams Kevin

Language: Anglais

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690 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Hardback
The text includes chapters from world-renowned experts on various topics centered around endotoxin detection and control. The study of endotoxin and its multiple interfaces is a journey, an arduous one, but one in which a strict discipline and compartmentalization or segmentation (like the Hox genes that provide the unfolding of metazoan body plans) allows the reader time and space to learn at her own pace and to choose the knowledge set that is most relevant at the time and for the task at hand. Access as well the literature references are included with each chapter to broaden knowledge via the links provided on the book's sister website. While perhaps too grandiose to say out loud, one can feel the excitement today as scientific knowledge can be brought down in printed form or from on-line sources as an archetype for our own personal interaction not just with living nature but with man's ideas and abstractions of her as he encompasses and harnesses her secrets.The cutting edge of science is neither fully hardened truth nor fable, but rather a fanciful intermingling of story, like the connecting of stars into constellations.The excitement of today, the readily interconnectedness of science, often seems drained rather than infused into modern texts.The ideas of Pasteur Koch, Lister, Darwin, Watson, Crick, Levin, Bang, Woese, Janeway, Beutler, Medzhitov, Burnet and many others color this story as centered around one specific vantage: Endotoxin Detection and Control in Pharma, Limulus, and Mammalian Systems is essential for pharmaceutical scientists, microbiologists, immunologists and life science students.
Introduction.- Section I  Pharma.- Historical Perspectives.- Risk, Control and Compliance..- Sterility and Beyond.- LVPs and SMDs.-  Specification Determination.- Static and Dynamic Models (Biodiversity and Heterogeneity) .- Test Development and Validation.- Diminishing Analytics.- Control in Biologics Manufacture.- Depyrogenation and Medical Devices.- Nanoparticles / Problematic Drug Types.- New Frontiers.- Section II  Limulus.-  Evolution, a Living Fossil and Other Model Arthropods.- Water, Water Everywhere.- Survival and Mass Extinction Events.- Limulus Soup / Hemolymph.-  Is Innate Modeling Enough?.- A Foreboding.- Section III  Mammalian.-  Innate is Inborn.- The Host Response: Fever and Inflammation.- .  Parallel Immune Systems: Architecture and Mechanisms.- Structural Change is Functional Change (Hand in Glove).-  Endotoxin and Adjuvanticity in Vaccinology.- Advances in Diagnostics.- The Big S.
Kevin Williams graduated from Texas A&M in 1982 with a BS in Microbiology.  From there spent 30 years at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis.  After retirement he has been at Hospira, Lonza, GE, and now BioMerieux .

Provides the reader with a specializd vantage point from which to view the interrelatedness of various general systems of science

Teaches microbiology, genetics, evolution, immunology as well as pharmaceutical manufacturing control including a view of the regulatory aspects

Shows how endotoxins presents a unique vantage of a long view of life as a struggle against prokaryotic invaders and can be seen as shaping the evolving genetics and survival mechanisms of multicellular life-forms

Presents the most up-to-date and thorough treatment of the subject as well as a host of interrelated topics written by a host of international experts and pioneers of industry

Includes access to thorough literaure review links on the books' sister website