Engineering Textiles (2nd Ed.)
Integrating the Design and Manufacture of Textile Products

The Textile Institute Book Series Series


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Engineering Textiles: Integrating the Design and Manufacture of Textile Products, Second Edition is a pioneering guide to textile product design and development, enabling the reader to understand essential principles, concepts, materials and applications. This new edition is updated and expanded to include new and emerging topics, design concepts and technologies, such as sustainability, the use of nanotechnology, and wearable textiles. Chapters cover the essential concepts of fiber-to-fabric engineering, product development and design of textile products, different types of fibers, yarns and fabrics, the structure, characteristics and design of textiles, and the development of products for specific applications, including both traditional and technical textiles.

This book is an innovative and highly valuable source of information for anyone engaged in textile product design and development, including engineers, textile technologists, manufacturers, product developers, and researchers and students in textile engineering.

  • Presents an integrated approach to textile product design and development
  • Guides the reader from initial principles and concepts, to cutting-edge applications
  • Includes cutting-edge design concepts and major new technologies

Part I Concepts of fabric engineering, product development and design 1. Introduction: textile fiber-to-fabric engineering 2. Textile engineering principles and concepts 3. Textile product development: basic concepts and critical factors 4. Textile product design 5. Textile product design conceptualization: Basic elements and tools 6. Textile product design analysis and modelling 7. The sustainability aspects of textile products

Part II Material selection 8. Material selection for textile product design 9. Structure, characteristics and types of fiber for textile product design 10. Structure and types of yarn for textile product design 11. Types of fabric for textile product design 12. Finishing processes for fibrous assemblies in textile product design

Part III Development and applications of fibrous products 13. Development of traditional textile fiber products 14. Development of technical textile products: Materials and applications 15. Development of textile fiber products for transportation applications 16. Development of textile fibre products for medical and protection applications 17. Nanotechnology in developing textile products

Engineers across textiles, polymer science, and fiber science; textile technologists, manufacturers and product developers; researchers and students in textile engineering

Dr. Yehia E. Elmogahzy is currently Visiting Professor at Montclair State University, New Jersey. He was previously Dean of Math, Science, and Technology, at Ocean County College, New Jersey (2009-13), Professor of Polymer Engineering at Auburn University, Alabama (1986-2009), and Site Director at the National Textile Research Center (2007-09). Dr. Elmogahzy has been involved in leading research and teaching in textiles for 30 years. He is also a Member of the American Society for Quality Control (ASQC).