Nanotechnology in Textiles
Theory and Application

The Textile Institute Book Series Series


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Nanotechnology in Textiles: Theory and Application explains how conventional methods for treating fabrics for specific functions can by improved upon with the use of nanotechnology. Overviews of relevant, fundamental nanophysics and nanochemistry theory are provided, along with explanations of their application in textile finishing, providing a crucial resource for readers exploring this expanding frontier in textiles. The book draws on research from around the globe to address the latest nanotechnological developments that are all examined with references to industrial applications.

  • Provides a complete, theoretical overview of nanotechnology and nanofibers for those with materials science or engineering backgrounds
  • Covers a broad range of topics, including aerogels, polymer nanocomposites, nanohazards, and electrospinning
  • Looks ahead to emerging applications of nanotechnology in textiles to point the way for further research and innovation

1. Nature and nanoscience 2. Nano-technology and nano-fibres 3. Carbon based nanomaterials 4. Nanoparticles in textiles 5. Characterisation of nano-materials in textiles 6. Nanocomposites fundamentals 7. Nanoporous materials 8. Nanorisks and nanohazards 9. Future outlook in the context of nano-scale textiles as a technology for the twenty-first century

Researchers and PhD students in materials science with an interest in nanotechnology or textiles. Technicians, engineers, and R&D managers in textile, paints, chemicals and related industries

Rajesh Mishra is an Associate Professor at the Department of Material Engineering, in the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. He is the author of over 100 SCI referred articles, 22 book chapters, and is the coordinator of several multinational research projects. His research interests include textile structural composites, nanocomposites, and biomaterial engineering of fibrous structures.
Jiri Militky is a Professor at the Department of Material Engineering, in the Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic. He is the author of 400 SCI referred articles, 50 book chapters, and is on the editorial panel of several journals. His research interests include fibers, textile material engineering, metrology, and textile chemistry.