Plastics (4th Ed.)
Microstructure and Engineering Applications


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Plastics: Microstructure and Engineering Applications, Fourth Edition covers the mechanical, chemical and electrical properties of plastic materials, along with discussions of the wider plastics issues that today?s engineers and materials scientists face, including manufacturing processes and the design of plastic products. In addition to a thorough revision, the book provides detailed discussions on characterization techniques, crystallization and molecular structure. Thermoplastic composites, 3D printing and electrical properties of plastics are also covered in great detail, as are new techniques, including thermogravimetric analysis, sustainability, lifecycle analysis, and waste disposal considerations.

  • Provides introductory information for students of plastics technology, materials science, mechanical engineering, and other fields
  • Presents a useful introduction to the fundamentals of plastics for academic and industrial researchers from other fields
  • Includes substantial new coverage on the electrical properties of plastics and an entirely new chapter on sustainability and lifecycle analysis of plastic materials

1. Introduction to Plastics 2. Molecular Structures and Polymer Manufacture 3. Microstructure 4. Polymeric Composites 5. Processing 6. Effects of Melt Processing 7. Viscoelastic Behaviour 8. Yielding 9. Fracture 10. Degradation and Environmental Effects 11. Transport Properties 12. Electrical Properties 13. Design: Material and Shape Selection 14. Engineering Case Studies 15. Sport and Biomaterials Case Studies 16. Sustainable Development and Life Cycle Analysis

Students of plastics engineering, polymer science, mechanical engineering, materials science, materials chemistry. Post-graduate/industrial researchers entering into plastics or materials science from other fields

Mike Jenkins is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering at the University of Birmingham, UK. Dr Jenkins has published widely in the field of polymers.