Smart Textiles and Smart Apparel


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"Wearables" are "all things that you wear" whether it is classic clothing, luxury, medical or professional use and protection or even accessories like sports bracelets, watches, glasses, fashion or sports shoes, etc. Today these "Wearables" are starting to come out of the woods and become really connected, intelligent. This book, the first of its kind on this topic, is divided into two major themes depending on whether the Wearables are part of the large textile family or not, and provides a broad overview of topics markets, applications, benefits, brakes and fears purchasing, technologies and connectivities implemented and emphasizes the industrial, normative, regulatory, economic, costs, etc. of the industrially emerging subject that are and will be the Wearables.

  • Discovers if wearables are part of the textile family
  • Presents all the negative and positive aspects of the "Wearables"
  • Demonstrates the connection and intelligence of the "Wearables"

1. Non-textile wearables 2. Wearables textiles and clothing 3. Constraints around a wearable project 4. Wearable technologies 5. The connectivity of wearables 6. Detailed description of the wearables and connected textiles chain 7. Concretization of a smart textile wearable solution - examples and costs

Dominique Paret is the CEO and founder of "dp-Consulting" for 10 years. he is dealing on leading edge subjects as a technical expertise.
Graduated in electronics engineering (Breguet / ESIEE), Sciences at the University Paris VI, He began his career in 1968 as a TV Group Consumer Applications Labs leader within RTC-Compelec (several patents in the analog and digital domains) .
Before creating "dp-Consulting - Consultant & Training" in May 2006, he spent 40 years at "NXP / Philips Semiconductors France" as Technical Support Mgr in the "Innovation and Emerging Business" division.
He is also a national delegate in standardization organizations and a Senior Lecturer.