Advances in Organometallic Chemistry
Advances in Organometallic Chemistry Series, Vol. 64

Coordinator: Perez Pedro J.

Language: Anglais
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Advances in Organometallic Chemistry contains authoritative reviews on the field of organometallic chemistry, covering topics in organometallic synthesis, reactions, mechanisms, homogeneous catalysis, and more. The book will benefit a wide range of researchers involved in organometallic chemistry, including synthetic protocols, mechanistic studies, and practical applications.

  • Contains contributions from leading authorities in the field of organometallic chemistry
  • Covers topics in organometallic synthesis, reactions, mechanisms, homogeneous catalysis, and more.
  • Informs and updates readers on all the latest developments in the field
  • Carefully edited to provide easy-to-read material
  1. Transition Metal-Catalyzed Functionalization of Polyolefins Containing C–C, C=C, and C–H Bonds
  2. Angela D. Mohanty and Chulsung Bae

  3. C-H Bond Activation of Hydrocarbons Mediated by Rare-Earth Metals and Actinides: Beyond σ-Bond Metathesis and 1,2-Addition
  4. Wenliang Huang and Paula L. Diaconescu

  5. Dirhodium(II)-Catalyzed C(sp3)–H Amination Using Iodine(Iii) Oxidants Julien Buendia, Gwendal Grelier and Philippe Dauban

Researchers involved in Organometallic Chemistry from a wide perspective, including synthetic protocols, mechanistic studies and practical applications.

Pedro J. Pérez (FRSC) graduated in 1991 under the supervision of Prof. Ernesto Carmona (Univ. Sevilla, Spain). As a Fulbright Scholar, he then joined Prof. Brookhart's group at UNC-Chapel Hill (USA). He started an appointment as Assistant Professor at the Universidad de Huelva (Spain) in 1993, where he has been promoted several times until the current position of Professor in Inorganic Chemistry (since 2005). His work is devoted to the development of organometallic complexes of late transition-metal as well as their use as catalysts for transformations involving hydrocarbons, including olefin modification, carbon-hydrogen bond functionalization, and click chemistry. He has been recognized by the RSC with the 2015 Homogeneous Catalysis Award, and by the RSEQ (Spain) with the 2007 Inorganic Chemistry Award and the 2016 Gold Medal Award. In 2014 he joined the National Academy of Sciences of Spain as Corresponding Member.