Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors
Promising Candicates for Anti-Diabetic Drug Discovery


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Over 400 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes and the numbers continue to rise, highlighting the increasing necessity for new and improved treatment options. ? -glucosidase inhibitors, currently used in diabetes treatment, offer a wide chemical diversity, making them good candidates for further development. However, those in current use are marred by efficacy problems and unwanted side effects. Promising ?-glucosidase Inhibitors For Development Into Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs aims to support researchers in addressing these issues, highlighting a whole host of promising leads for development into novel oral anti-diabetic drugs with improved efficacy and fewer side effects.

Beginning with a discussion of the huge potential of ? -glucosidase inhibitor leads and adaptations, highlighting their importance and putting them into context within the field of anti-diabetic drug discovery, the book goes on to review a whole range of natural and synthetic ? -glucosidase inhibitors. By providing chemical structures, detailed background information and in vivo and in vitro biological activity data, the book facilitates faster, more economical adaptation of these structures for development into oral anti-diabetic drugs.

Drawing on the author?s expert research in the field, Promising ?-glucosidase Inhibitors For Development Into Oral Anti-diabetic Drugs highlights promising leads for development and helps researchers select the most appropriate inhibitors for their own work, making it a useful tool not only for anti-diabetic drug development researchers, but all those whose research may be enhanced by an understanding of ? -glucosidase inhibitor chemistry and activity.

  • Identifies and presents promising ?-glucosidase inhibitors of natural and synthetic origin that belong to a variety of chemical classes
  • Compiles chemical structures and detailed in vivo and in vitro biological activity data that will help researchers select inhibitors for further work
  • Discusses promising avenues and potential challenges in the development of new ?-glucosidase inhibitors based on their activity data

1. Introduction 2. Natural Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors: Sugar Mimics 3. Natural Chalcone Glucosides, Flavonoids and Xanthones 4. Cyclitols, Alkaloids, Curcuminoids and Curcumin Analogs 5. Terpenes, Steroids and Other Natural Derivatives 6. Synthetic Alpha-Glucosidase Inhibitors: Sugar Mimics 7. Chalcones and Xanthone Derivatives 8. Cyclitol Derivatives 9. Thiadiazoles and Other Derivatives

Appendix: Complete list of promising alpha-glucosidase inhibitors with their activity data discussed in this book

Usman Ghani is Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at King Saud University (KSU), Saudi Arabia. After gaining experience as a Chemist and Researcher in Pakistan, he completed his PhD at the University of Alberta, Canada, and took up a Postdoctoral Fellowship there before moving to KSU in 2005. He has been awarded numerous research grants and has published 23 papers to date.

Prof Ghani’s current research involves screening and identification of clinically important enzyme inhibitors and studies on their mechanism of inhibition. His team has identified a number of synthetic and natural inhibitors of tyrosinase and alpha-glucosidase enzymes that may become potential candidates for development into drugs for the treatment of hyperpigmentation and diabetes respectively.