Cellulose Science and Technology
Chemistry, Analysis, and Applications

Coordinators: Rosenau Thomas, Potthast Antje, Hell Johannes

Language: Anglais

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480 p. · 15.2x23.6 cm · Hardback
This book addresses both classic concepts and state-of-the-art technologies surrounding cellulose science and technology. Integrating nanoscience and applications in materials, energy, biotechnology, and more, the book appeals broadly to students and researchers in chemistry, materials, energy, and environmental science.

•    Includes contributions from leading cellulose scientists worldwide, with five Anselm Payen Cellulose Award winners and two Hayashi Jisuke Cellulose Award winners
•    Deals with a highly applicable and timely topic, considering the current activities in the fields of bioeconomies, biorefineries, and biomass utilization
•    Maximizes readership by combining fundamental science and application development