Ion Mobility Spectrometry
Comprehensive Analytical Chemistry Series, Vol. 83

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Ion Mobility Spectrometry will focus on the new trends, methods and instrumentation, starting from the innovations of each technique to the most progressive challenges of IM-MS.

  • To understand the new advancements in IM-MS that are essential in IM-MS applications
  • To understand state-of-the-art in the currently available IM-MS interfaces and their principle of use
  • To learn the type of information that different IM-MS instrumentation can provide to fulfil different analytical needs
  • To understand collision cross section modelling to improve information obtained from IM-MS measurements
  • To understand some key applications of IM-MS

1. Recent advances in IM-MS W. Alexander Donald 2. IM-MS Principles and theory i) Fundamentals of ion mobility Christian Bleiholder ii) Differential ion mobility Gary Eiceman iii) Modelling collision cross sections James S. Prell 3. IM-MS Applications and instrumentation i) Metabolomics and proteomics Erin Baker ii) Structural biology Timothy M. Allison and Michael Landreh iii) Imaging Marten F. Snel iv) Structural identification of aromatic compounds Sunghwan Kim v) Chiral analysis W. Alexander Donald vi) Supramolecular systems Hugh I. Kim vii) Reactive drift tubes and tandem IM Gary Eiceman viii) Dynamic clustering and ion microsolvation W. Scott Hopkins 4. Future of IM-MS W. Alexander Donald

The target readers are researchers, practitioners, consultants working in any field in which ion mobility mass spectrometry is technique of choice, and are looking for up-to-date and complete information on this topic.