MALDI-TOF and Tandem MS for Clinical Microbiology


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This book highlights the triumph of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry over the past decade and provides insight into new and expanding technologies through a comprehensive range of short chapters that enable the reader to gauge their current status and how they may progress over the next decade. 

This book serves as a platform to consolidate current strengths of the technology and highlight new frontiers in tandem MS/MS that are likely to eventually supersede MALDI-TOF MS.

Chapters discuss:
. Challenges of Identifying Mycobacterium to the Species level
. Identification of Bacteroides and Other Clinically Relevant Anaerobes
. Identification of Species in Mixed Microbial Populations
. Detection of Resistance Mechanisms
. Proteomics as a biomarker discovery and validation platform
. Determination of Antimicrobial Resistance using Tandem Mass Spectrometry
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Part I - MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry
. 1. A Paradigm Shift from Research to Front ]Line Microbial Diagnostics in MALDI ]TOF and LC ]MS/MS: A Laboratory’s Vision and Relentless Resolve to Help Develop and Implement This New Technology amidst Formidable Obstacles
. 2. Criteria for Development of MALDI ]TOF Mass Spectral Database
. 3. Applications of MALDI ]TOF Mass Spectrometry in Clinical Diagnostic Microbiology
. 4. The Challenges of Identifying Mycobacterium to the Species Level using MALDI ]TOF MS
. 5. Transformation of Anaerobic Microbiology since the Arrival of MALDI ]TOF Mass Spectrometry
. 6. Differentiation of Closely Related Organisms using MALDI ]TOF MS
. 7. Identification of Species in Mixed Microbial Populations using MALDI ]TOF MS
. 8. Microbial DNA Analysis by MALDI ]TOF Mass Spectrometry
. 9. Impact of MALDI ]TOF MS in Clinical Mycology; Progress and Barriers in Diagnostics
. 10. Development and Application of MALDI ]TOF for Detection of Resistance Mechanisms
. 11. Discrimination of Burkholderia Species, Brucella Biovars, Francisella tularensis and Other Taxa at the Subspecies Level by MALDI ]TOF Mass Spectrometry
. 12. MALDI ]TOF ]MS Based on Ribosomal Protein Coding in S10 ]spc ]alpha Operons for Proteotyping

Part II - Tandem MS/MS-Based Approaches to Microbial Characterization
. 13. Tandem Mass Spectrometry Analysis as an Approach to Delineate Genetically Related Taxa
. 14. Mapping of the Proteogenome of Clostridium difficile Isolates of Varying Virulence
. 15. Determination of Antimicrobial Resistance using Tandem Mass Spectrometry
. 16. Proteotyping: Tandem Mass Spectrometry Shotgun Proteomic Characterization and Typing of Pathogenic Microorganisms 17 Proteogenomics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Cystic Fibrosis Infections
. 18. Top ]Down Proteomics in the Study of Microbial Pathogenicity
. 19 Tandem Mass Spectrometry in Resolving Complex Gut Microbiota Functions
. 20. Proteogenomics of Non ]model Microorganisms