The mathematics and topology of fullerenes (Carbon materials, chemistry and physics, Vol. 4), 2011
Carbon Materials: Chemistry and Physics Series, Vol. 4

Coordinators: Cataldo Franco, Graovac Ante, Ori Ottorino

Language: Anglais

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300 p. · 15.5x23.5 cm · Hardback
Mathematics and Topology of Fullerenes presents a comprehensive overview of scientific and technical innovations in theoretical and experimental studies.
Topics included in this multi-author volume include: Clar structures for conjugated nanostructures, counting polynomials of fullerenes, topological indices of fullerenes, the wiener index of nanotubes, toroidal fullerenes and nanostars, C60 Structural relatives: a topological study, local combinatorial characterization of fullerenes, computation of selected topological indices of C60 and C80 Fullerenes via the Gap Program, 4valent- analogues of fullerenes, a detailed atlas of Kekule structures of C60.
This multi-author volume is targeted at advanced graduates and researchers working in carbon materials, chemistry and physics.
Harry KROTO: Foreword.- 1. Ali Reza ASHRAFI/Mircea DIUDEA/Ante GRAOVAC: Omega Polynomials of Fullerenes and Nanotubes.- 2. Ali Reza ASHRAFI: Wiener Index of Nanotubes, Toroidal Fullerenes and Nanostars.- 3. Mircea DIUDEA/A. E. Vizitiu: C60 Structural Relatives. An Omega-aided Topological Study.- 4. Istvan LASZLO/Reti TAMAS/Ante GRAOVAC: Local Combinatorial Characterization of Fullerenes.- 5. Ali IRANMANESH: Computation of some Topological Indices of C60 and C80 Fullerenes by GAP Program.- 6. Mathieu Dutour SIKIRIC/Michel DEZA: 4-Regular and Self-Dual Analogs of Fullerenes.- 7. Helena DODZIUK: Endohedral fullerene complexes and in- out isomerism in perhydrogenated fullerenes. Why the carbon cages cannot be used as the hydrogen containers?.- 8. Damir VUKICEVIC/Milan RANDIC: Detailed Atlas of Kekulé Structures of the Buckminsterfullerene.- 9. Ernesto ESTRADA: A Graph Theoretic Approach to Atomic Displacements in Fullerenes.- 10.E.C. KIRBY/R.B. MALLION/P. POLLAK: Counting Spanning Trees in Toroidal Fullerenes.- 11. O.ORI, F.CATALDO, A.GRAOVAC: Topological Determination of 13C-NMR Spectra of C66 Fullerenes.- 12. Giorgio BENEDEK: The Topological Background of Schwarzite Physics.- 13. Haruo HOSOYA: High -Electronic Stability of Soccer Ball Fullerene C60 and Truncated Octahedron C24 among Spherically Polyhedral Networks.- 14. Patrick W. FOWLER/A.GRAOVAC: The Estrada Index and Fullerene Isomerism.
  • Prof. Franco CATALDO (Tor Vergata University, Rome), Editor of Springer book series on Carbon Materials: Chemistry and Physics
  • Prof. Ante GRAOVAC (Faculty of Science, University of Split, Split, Croatia)
  • Dr. Ottorino ORI (Correspondent Member, Actinium Chemical Research, Rome, Italy)

Contains a detailed atlas of Kekule structures of Buckminsterfullerene

Presents experimental and theoretical contributions

Foreword by Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate