Thermodynamics and chemistry


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This accessible, straightforward treatment of classical thermodynamics focuses on the derivation of the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and other topics of interest to scientists and engineers.This text reinforces and extends the knowledge the reader has gained from an earlier exposure to thermodynamics.
1. Introduction.
2. Basic Properties and Their Measurement.
3. The First Law.
4. The Second and Third Laws.
5. Pure Substances in Single Phases.
6. Phase Transitions and Equilibria of Pure Substances.
7. Mixtures.
8. Reactions and Other Chemical Processes.
9. Applications of Equilibria and Equilibrium.
10. Multicomponent Phase Equilibria.
11. Galvanic Cells.
Appendix A. Definitions of the SI Base Units.
Appendix B. Physical Constants.
Appendix C. Symbols for Physical Quantities.
Appendix D. Miscellaneous Abbreviations and Symbols.
Appendix E. Calculus Review.
Appendix F. Mathematical Properties of State Functions.
Appendix G. Forces, Energy, and Work.
  • Derivations presented as simply as possible with a minimum of mathematical complexity, while walking through every detail.
  • Indications of the conditions under which a particular equation is valid.
  • Modern symbols and current nomenclature, such as the notation recommended by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.