Adjudication Practice and Procedure - Ireland
Construction Contracts Act 2013

An International Perspective of Adjudication in the Construction Industry Series


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Subject for Adjudication Practice and Procedure - Ireland

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Drawing on a combined forty years of experience in construction law, the authors provide invaluable guidance for employers and contractors on the adjudication process. They describe best practice and procedure required to comply with Irish adjudication law; including case studies, case law, and sample documentation for the parties involved, or those who want to act as adjudicators.

Aimed at construction, engineering and legal professionals and students who have an interest in dispute resolution and adjudication, this book also includes an in-depth comparison of the provisions of the adjudication acts in Australia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK. It highlights unique features resulting from cultural differences as well as variations in construction industry custom and practice.

Part 1 - International Adjudication laws, Part 2 - Construction Contracts Bill 2010, Part 3 - Practice and Procedure under the Construction Contracts Bill 2010