Construction Management
Critical Concepts in Construction Series

Coordinator: Hughes Will

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Subjects for Construction Management

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This four-volume set represents the most significant research in the field of construction management, from refereed journals, conference proceedings and book chapters.

The first section, context of construction management, sets out the underlying theories and ideas that inform and influence the way that construction is thought about and conceptualized. The idea behind this part is to marshal the wide range of methodological approaches to CM research, illustrating how diverse disciplines have been used as different lenses to characterize and study the problems in the construction sector. This provides the context for the remaining parts in the set.

The second part deals with industry issues and the organization and management of firms in construction. The third part is focused on the business of construction, highlighting research into how and why projects and contracts come about, how the various parts of the supply chain are structured within projects, how cash flows and so on. The final part deals with the work that is carried out in construction, within the individual firms and practices. This explains the management and technology of the processes for which firms and practices are paid. Throughout the set, the leading research from around the world is used to show how construction management researchers make sense of this industrial sector, and how the range of diverse academic and professional disciplines enable robust and useful insights to be developed.