Green building : Applied nanotechnology and renewable energy (2nd Ed.)
Applied Nanotechnology and Renewable Energy

Nano and Energy Series

Coordinators: Anwar Sohail, Favier Patrick, Zalewski Laurent, Lassue Stephane

Language: Anglais

Subjects for Green building : Applied nanotechnology and renewable energy

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· 15.6x23.5 cm · Hardback
This book provides detailed information regarding renewable energy sources; as well as the associated technologies in the context of green building and sustainable design. It offers insight into the new green building technologies and materials resulting from a convergence of nanotechnology and green building. The book provides coverage on energy demand management and storage, and discusses various federal, state, and local standards for green living.
The Need for Green. Sustainability and the Built Environment. Renewable Energy Sources. Solar Electric Systems. Small Wind Energy Systems. Bioenergy Systems. Geothermal Energy Systems. Renewable Energy Demand Management and Storage. Green Building Systems and Site Planning. Green Building Materials. Nanotechnology Applications for Green Building. Greem Power Generation Cycles. Sustainable Urban Systems. Energy and Resource Auditing. Economics of Renewable Energy. Environmental Impact Assessment. Federal, State and Local Green Standards. Federal, State, and Local Green Building Certification Programs including LEED.
Practitioners working in green building; graduate and upper-level undergraduate students involved in green building; and policy makers involved in policymaking regarding energy use, resource planning, environment, public safety and health, and construction.