Innovative numerical modelling in geomechanics with CD-ROM

Coordinators: Ribeiro e Sousa Luis, Vargas Jr. Eurípedes, Fernandes M.M., Azevedo Roberto

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Numerical modelling in geomechanics has gained acceptance in the solution of complex geotechnical problems. This book contains contributions of outstanding scientists and researchers in this area, covering the following topics: Environmental Geotechnics (Mining Tailings Disposal in Dikes and-or Dams, Contaminant Transport in Geotechnical Materials, Cover and Lines Containment Systems) - Open and Underground Excavations (Tunnels, Underground Hydroelectric Powerschemes, Cut-and-Cover excavations) - Foundations (Arch Dams, High Speed Railway Platforms, Embankment and Rockfill Dams)- Risk in Geotechnical Engineering (Bayesian Networks and other Tools, Risk in Slopes, Risk in Tunnels) - Computational Systems (Boundary Element Methods, Z-Soil, Itasca, Rocscience) - Oil Geomechanics (Geomechanics Modelling of Petroleum Related Problems at Borehole and Reservoir Scale, Carbon Dioxide Storage) - Mining (Deep Coal Mining, Underground Works in Hard Rock Mining, Open Cut Mining) Innovative Numerical Modelling in Geomechanics defines novel approaches to the solution of highly relevant geomechanical engineering problems, and will be particularly of interest to researchers, academics, software developers, practical engineers, civil engineers, mining engineers, geological engineers, environmental engineers and applied mathematicians.
1. Environmental Geotechnics 2. Open and Underground Excavations 3. Foundations 4. Risk in Geotechnical Engineering 5. Computational Systems 6. Oil Geomechanics 7. Mining