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This book is divided into two distinct parts. The first eleven chapters concentrates on "the work" covering land clearing surveys, soil, cellars, ditching, etc. The second part focuses on "the machines", dealing with the basics of and the information about the equipment to do the work. This important revision updates information on all equipment, excavation techniques, appropriate regulations and codes, and general construction techniques.
The work. Land clearing. Surveys and measurements. Soil and mud. Cellars. Ditching and dewatering. Ponds. Landscaping and agricultural grading. Earthmoving for roads. Blasting and tunnelling. Pit operations. Costs and management. The machines. Basic information. Revolving shovels. Conveyor machinery. Tractors and bulldozers. Tractor loaders. Scrapers. Trucks. Grading and compacting machinery. Compressors and drill. Miscellaneous equipment.
Excavation/earthmoving contractors, heavy equipment operators, foundation engineering companies, general contractors involved with excavations.