A Guide for Implementing a Patent Strategy
How Inventors, Engineers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, and Independent Innovators Can Protect Their Intellectual Property


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This book is aimed at the innovators who drive the advances from which we all benefit.
This includes scientists, engineers, technicians, managers, and entrepreneurs who want to financially benefit from their innovations. The book describes how to build patent portfolios that will properly protect your technology and be of financial benefit.

The tools that innovators need to have to generate patents are presented in detail.

1 Background for Developing and Implementing a Patent Strategy
2 The Structure of a Patent
3 The Path to Obtaining Patents
4 Identifying Patentable Inventions
5 Identifying What Has Yet to Be Invented
6 Prioritizing the Inventions
7 Prioritizing Your Patent Applications
8 Proposing and Writing Claims
9 Conducting Prior Art Searches
10 The Mindsets of Innovators and Attorneys and other Cautionary Notes
11 Reviewing Your Proposed Patent Applications
12 Writing Your Patent Applications
13 The Next Step: Prosecution of Your Patent Application
14 What Next?
15 Final Thoughts
Appendix 1 Electrophotography: Building a Patent Portfolio in a Mature but Evolving Field

Donald S. Rimai recently retired from Eastman Kodak where he worked as a researcher and intellectual property manager in digital printing and adhesion science. He is expert at developing patent portfolios and helping inventors patent their inventions. He is an Eastman Kodak Distinguished Inventor with more than 150 U.S. patents and over 120 scientific publications. He is a Fellow of the Adhesion Society and of the American Physical Society, and has won the Charles Ives and Chester Carlson Awards. In 2014 Dr. Rimai received the Inventor of the Year Award from the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association. He is the author of "Patent Engineering: A Guide to Building a Valuable Patent Portfolio" (Wiley-Scrivener 2016).