A Selection of China Study Reports (1998-2011), 1st ed. 2018
Current Chinese Economic Report Series


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This book presents internal information from the Institute of Contemporary China Studies (the former Chinese Academy of Science?Center of China Studies at Tsinghua University) led by Prof. Hu Angang, expert on contemporary China studies. Thousands of issues of the influential China Study Reports have been published since the 1990s, and this book is a collection of representative articles from these reports, published from 1998 to 2011. With comprehensive content covering a broad timespan, this book addresses the major breakthroughs and decision-making development strategies offered by Chinese scholars specializing in contemporary China studies. It promotes understanding of the research mechanisms and the work of campus-based Chinese think tanks. It also serves as a valuable resource for those involved in developing the Chinese decision-making process.
Offers an insider's view of first-hand research material from contemporary China studies
Gives broad overview from different disciplines covering economic, political, social issues in China
Provides policy analysis backed up by academic research making the work useful to both academics and policy-makers