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This book aims to provide insight into the "soft" side of real estate research and the interesting results and implications of the real estate research outside the traditional realm of investment/financial aspects. The book also attempts to answer what constitutes the so-called "soft-side" of real estate research if we shift our focus from the usual financial returns and investment analysis. It also attempts to address whether there is such thing as an alternative real estate research paradigm.

The book also argues that research in real estate should not only be limited to land and property market performance analyses as this may greatly impair the potential research implications of various real estate studies. The book argues that such analyses take on a very myopic view of real estate research. 

This book will interest many who wish to learn more about the alternative aspect of real estate research which is more than just about investment analysis.

1. What is Real Estate Research?, L.H. LI  2. Welfare Housing, L.H. LI and Kevin KWONG  3. Children's Perception of the Built Enviroment, L.H. LI and Hui SUN  4. Environment and Children – How do children sense their land use environment?, L.H. LI  5. Market Behaviour and Real Estate, L.H. LI  6. Built Environment and Senior Citizens, L.H. LI and Tiffany CHUNG  7. Housing Choice and Community Attachment, L.H. LI  Conclusion: Can real estate research have a ‘soft’ side?, L.H. LI