Collaborative Value Co-creation in the Platform Economy, 1st ed. 2018
Translational Systems Sciences Series, Vol. 11

Coordinators: Smedlund Anssi, Lindblom Arto, Mitronen Lasse

Language: Anglais

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This book offers a service science perspective on platform orchestration and on collaborative consumption, providing an overview of research topics related to service dominant logic in multi-sided markets. The chapters give an international and multi-disciplinary overview of the current topics of digital service platforms from many angles. This overview helps in filling the gap between service science and recent research of the platform economy and paves the way for future service platform research.

Open standards and distributed databases such as blockchain configurations increase the connectivity of business ecosystems as devices and systems exchange data with each other instead of through intermediaries. This exchange opens up opportunities for new value constellations, makes services globally scalable, and connects local service systems as integrated systems of systems. The book brings together established academics from a number of disciplines. This collaboration makes it possible to provide novel constructs and empirical results that help the reader to understand how value is co-created and orchestrated in the era of digital service platforms. In addition to theory building, practical implications for wider managerial and policy use are highlighted.

The topics in this book are related to service platform technologies; organizational capabilities; and strategies and management in the contexts of retail, healthcare, and the public sector. A wide selection of case studies is used to demonstrate the implications of platforms for different service and economic contexts. Combining both theory and practice, this book is highly recommended for readers interested in the service and marketing point of view on the platform economy and for practitioners strategizing for scalable service platforms.

Chapters 4 and 10 are available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via

Chapter 1. Service in the platform context: a review of the state of the art and future research.- Chapter 2: Platform Ecosystem Orchestration for Efficiency, Development, and Innovation.- Chapter 3: Platform as a Social Contract: An Analytical Framework for Studying Social Dynamics in Online Platforms.- Chapter 4: Expanding the Platform: Smart Contracts as Boundary Resources.- Chapter 5: Digital Platforms for Restructuring the Public Sector.- Chapter 6: A Conceptual Platform for Understanding and Managing Complex Service Enterprises: Case Studies in the Transformation of Healthcare Delivery.- Chapter 7: Understanding platform transformations through routine interactions.- Chapter 8: Creating the Foundation for a Functioning Internal Platform.- Chapter 9: Applying the Extended Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Collaborative Consumption Intentions.- Chapter 10: Distributed Governance in Multi-Sided Platforms. A Conceptual Framework from Case: Bitcoin.- Chapter 11: Value Creation from the Internet of Things in Heavy Machinery: A Middle-Manager Perspective.- Chapter 12: Customer Value in the Sharing Economy Platform: The Airbnb Case.- Chapter 13: Back to the Future: A Revelation of Conventional Platform Preference of Digital Creative Ecosystem Entities in Bandung.

Anssi Smedlund is Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR) and the Department of Marketing at Aalto University School of Business, Finland. He received his PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management from Aalto School of Science. He has acted as a principal investigator in numerous service science and innovation management research projects and has held visiting positions at Tokyo Institute of Technology and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Dr. Smedlund has published 27 peer-reviewed publications in the journals, conferences and books in knowledge management, service science and information system science fields.

Arto Lindblom  Ph.D. is the Professor of Retailing in the Department of Marketing at Aalto University, School of Business. His current research interests are related to retail entrepreneurship, strategic retail management and marketing, and supplier-retailer relationships. He has published his research results in journals such as Management Decision, International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, Journal of Services Marketing, and Industrial Marketing Management. Professor Lindblom also works as the Head of Marketing Department at Aalto University.

Lasse Mitronen Ph.D.  is the professor of practice in the Department of Marketing at Aalto University, School of Business. His current research interests are related to service business and network management, customer value and retail marketing and retailing. He has published his research results in journals such as Industrial Marketing Management, Management Decision, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services and Journal of Services Marketing.  Before the academic career, he has very long experience in the leading Finnish retailing group K-group and Kesko Corporation.

Provides a service science point of view on the platform economy

Offers novel constructs for understanding and designing digital service platforms 

Presents empirical cases that help to improve the management of digital platforms and that provide insight for policymakers