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Learn to identify a firm's ideal customer and turn him into a life-long client. The Internet has made personal communication faster than ever, giving advertisers the opportunity to speak directly to their audience like never before. The authors combines the theory of direct and interactive marketing with highly practical strategies and examples. Direct and interactive marketing requires a focused set of skills for maximum effectiveness, including customer profiling, research and testing, and interactive media planning. Students learn to use the fundamental principles of direct marketing to create hi-tech campaigns using the latest technology. In this newly revised second edition, the text has been updated to reflect the most recent innovations in online advertising and customer interaction. Among these additions are sections on blogging, social networks, and search engine advertising.
Part I. The Foundations of Direct & Interactive Marketing. Chapter 1. Examining the History & Processes of Direct & Interactive Marketing. Chapter 2. Building Databases, Selecting Customers & Managing Relationships. Chapter 3. Developing Lists & Discovering Markets. Chapter 4. Planning & Creating a Value Proposition. Part II. Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC): The Message & Media Decisions in Direct & Interactive Marketing. Chapter 5. Planning & Creating Compelling Message Strategies . Chapter 6. Designing & Employing Print Media (Direct Mail, Catalogs, Newspapers, Magazines). Chapter 7. Developing & Utilizing Electronic Media (Television, Radio, Telephone). Chapter 8. Crafting & Applying Hi-Tech Digital Media (Internet, email, blogs, Ipod, Mobile phone, Search Engines. Part III. Response, Measurement & Metrics of Direct & Interactive Marketing. Chapter 9. Fulfilling the Offer & Serving the Customer. Chapter 10. Conducting Research & Utilizing Tests to Measure Performance. Chapter 11. Understanding the Industry's Environmental, Ethical & Legal Issues. Chapter 12. Exploring & Adapting Direct & Interactive Marketing Strategies Around the World. Chapter 13. Applying Direct & Interactive Marketing Math and Metrics. Part IV. Applications & Future Directions of Direct & Interactive Marketing. Chapter 14. Examining Direct & Interactive Marketing Applications in a Variety of Sectors (B2B, Non-profit, Governmental, Political, Sports).