Corporate governance (3rd Ed.)


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An overview of the corporate governance system in a flexible, modular format. Today the term “corporate governance” is familiar to almost everyone, mostly because of the emergence of so many shocking corporate scandals. Corporate Governance, in its flexible, modular format, sheds light on these recent problems and scandals through a detailed explanation of the corporate governance mechanism, and the various incentives within today's governance system, while offering potential solutions in context. The Third Edition of Corporate Governance includes up-to-date material on the economic crisis of 2008-2009 and offers current scholarly research in Recent Research boxes throughout the text.
Chapter 1: Corporations and Corporate Governance
Chapter 2: Executive Incentives
Chapter 3: Accountants and Auditors
Chapter 4: The Board of Directors
Chapter 5: Investment Banks and Securities Analysts
Chapter 6: Creditors and Credit Rating Agencies
Chapter 7: Shareholders and Shareholder Activism
Chapter 8: Corporate Takeovers: A Governance Mechanism?
Chapter 9: The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Chapter 10: Moral Hazard, Systemic Risk and Bailouts
Chapter 11: Corporate Citizenship