Endless referrals : network your everyday contacts into sales (2nd ed'98)


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256 p. · 24.1x15.9 cm · Paperback
This updated edition demonstrates how any and every contact can be turned into a terrific sales opportunity and shows how to forge a solid network of dependable business contacts and turn these contacts into new sales revenue. It also includes four brand new chapters on Home-based business, Networking on the Internet, Network (or multilevel) marketing and Mail order marketing.
Networking: What It Is and What It Does for You! Questions Are the Successful Networker's Most Valuable Ammunition. How to Work Any Crowd. Profitable Follow-Up Techniques. Training the People Who Network for You. Six Essential Rules of Networking Etiquette. Prospecting for Fun and Profit. Begin Your Own Profitable Networking Group. Position Yourself as the Expert (and Only Logical Resource) in Your Field. Customer Service: The Networker's Best Friend. Cross-Promotions: An Interview with Jeff Slutsky. Home-Based Businesses: Networking for Today's Entrepreneur. Network Marketing...The Last Bastion of Free Enterprise: (And Definitely Not a Pyramid). The Mail Order/Direct Marketing Business: Money in Your Mailbox. Inter-Net-Working: Or Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday (Internet) Contacts Into Sales. The Foundation of Effective Communication. Networking: Begin Now.
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