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Exploring Techniques of Analysis and Evaluation in Strategy, aims to provide an expanded coverage of the techniques of strategic management, thereby complementing the main text. The book contains nineteen articles of which 9 are written by the Strategic Planning Society's Workshop Leaders. The articles are practical rather than discursive, and each one deals with an individual tool or technique that is useful for effective strategic management. The tools and techniques fall into three categories which will be used to carry out: Strategic Analysis, Strategic Choice, Strategic Implementation.
1. The Business Environment.
2. Acquiring Strategic Data.
3. Understanding and Producing Scenario Planning.
4. Analysing Competitors.
5. Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities and Threats Analysis.
6. Organisational Resources and Capabilities.
7. Getting to Know Your Organisation s Core Competences.
8. Understanding and Using Value Chain Analysis.
9. Strategic Financial Accounting for Analysing Performance and Resources.
10. Comparative Analysis: Benchmarking.
11. Organisational Culture and Stakeholders, Culture Web.
12. Stakeholders Analysis.
13. Corporate Responsibility Audit.
14. Evaluation and Choosing Strategic Options.
15. Portfolio Analysis.
16. Gap Analysis.
17. Assessing Risk and Using Sensitivity and Risk Analysis.
18. Cost/Benefit Analysis.
19. Understanding and Using Shareholder Value Analysis.
20. Implemention Methods.
21. Business Process Re-Engineering.
22. Performance Measurement.
23. Techniques for Internal Markets.
  • Fully cross-referenced to Exploring Corporate Strategy, it is an ideal complement to the main text.
  • A practical, concise, comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of tools and techniques of relevance to practising managers.
  • Contributions from the Strategic Planning Society, Open Business School, Oxford University, Cranfield School of Management and Sheffield Business School.