International financial management (PIE)


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Part I Introduction to Foreign Exchange Markets and Risks

Chapter 1 Globalization and the Multinational Corporation

Chapter 2 The Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 3 - Forward Markets and Transaction Exchange Risk

Chapter 4 - The Balance of Payments

Chapter 5: Exchange Rate Systems

Part II International Parity Conditions and Exchange Rate Determination

Chapter 6 - Interest Rate Parity

Chapter 7 - Speculation and Risk in the Foreign Exchange Market

Chapter 8 - Purchasing Power Parity and Real Exchange Rates

Chapter 9 Measuring and Managing Real Exchange Risk

Chapter 10 - Exchange Rate Determination and Forecasting

Part III International Capital Markets

Chapter 11 - International Debt Financing

Chapter 12: International Equity Financing

Chapter 13 - International Capital Market Equilibrium

Chapter 14 - Political and Country Risk

Part IV International Corporate Finance

Chapter 15 - International Capital Budgeting

Chapter 16 Additional Topics in International Capital Budgeting

Chapter 17 Risk Management and the Foreign Currency Hedging Decision

Part V Managing Ongoing Operations

Chapter 18 - Financing International Trade

Chapter 19 - Management a Multinational's Net Working Capital

Part VI Foreign Currency Derivatives

Chapter 20 - Foreign Currency Futures and Options

Chapter 21 - Interest Rate and Foreign Currency Swaps