Management communication (4th Ed.)


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Strategic communication methods that support the development of ethical and effective managers at all levels of business. For professors who know students need effective communication skills to be successful in the business world, this text provides a strategic, yet practical view of managerial communication. In this fourth edition, three dozen case studies are provided to help students see how their new skills would work in a real setting. A new chapter has also been added on Persuasion, examining the science behind influencing decision making in others.
Chapter 1: Management Communication in Transition. Chapter 2: Communication and Strategy. Chapter 3: Communication Ethics. Chapter 4: Speaking. Chapter 5: Writing. Chapter 6: Persuasion. Chapter 7: Technology. Chapter 8: Listening and Feedback. Chapter 9: Nonverbal Communication. Chapter 10: Intercultural and International Communication. Chapter 11: Conflict Management. Chapter 12: Business Meetings. Chapter 13: Meeting the Media.