Managing financial institutions: an asset/liability approach (4th Ed.)


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Part I: The Environment of Asset/Liability Management. Changing Times for Financial Institutions. Asset/Liability Management: What and Why? Regulation, Technology, and Financial Innovation. Background Issues. Part II: Overview and Performance Analysis of Depository Institutions. Overview Banking Financial Statements for Depository Institutions. Performance and Risk Analysis. Credit Unions and Savings Institutions. Capital Regulations and Management. Non-Interest Revenue Management. Part III: Management Issues and Performance Analysis of Non-Depository Institutions. Management of Insurance Companies. Management of Security Firms. Management of Mutual Funds and Pension Funds. Management of Finance Companies and Diversified Financial Firms. Part IV: Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Environment. Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, and Inflation: Theories and Forecasting. Term Structure Theories and Applications. Interest Rate Risk Measurement and Immunisation Using Duration. Part V: Hedging: Managing Risk with Derivatives and Securitisation. Managing Risk with Interest Rate and Foreign Currency Futures. Managing Risk with Index Futures, Options, Swaps, and Other Derivatives. Securitisation, Value at Risk and Other Risk Management Concepts. Part VI: Particular Asset/Liability Management Problems: Depository Institutions. Asset Management: Liquidity and Securities Portfolio Management. Liability and Contingent Liability Management. Commercial and International Lending. Consumer and Mortgage Lending. Long-Term Asset Decisions and Mergers