Marketing (10th Ed.)


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This best-selling, brief text introduces marketing through the lens of creating value for customers. Today's marketing is about creating customer value and building profitable customer relationships. With engaging real-world examples and information, Marketing: An Introduction shows students how customer value—creating it and capturing it—drives every effective marketing strategy.
Part 1. Defining Marketing and the Marketing Process. Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer. Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Relationships. Part 2. Understanding the Marketplace and Consumers. Analyzing the Marketing Environment. Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights. Understanding Consumer and Business Buyer Behavior. Part 3. Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix. Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers. Products, Services, and Brands: Building Customer Value. Developing New Products and Managing the Product Life Cycle. Pricing: Understanding and Capturing Customer Value. Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value. Retailing and Wholesaling. Communicating Customer Value: Advertising and Public Relations. Communicating Customer Value: Personal Selling and Sales Promotion. Direct and Online Marketing: Building Direct Customer Relationships. Part 4. Extending Marketing. The Global Marketplace. Sustainable Marketing: Social Responsibility and Ethics. APPENDIXES.