Servant-Leaders in Training, 1st ed. 2018
Foundations of the Philosophy of Servant-Leadership

Palgrave Studies in Workplace Spirituality and Fulfillment Series


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Guided by and complimenting the writings of Robert K. Greenleaf, this book aims to deepen, expand and extend the philosophy of servant-leadership. Proposing a grounding framework for the studies of leadership, training and development, the author suggests that servant-leadership is primarily based on the structures of human development. Emphasizing the notion of a developing servant-consciousness and explaining the composition of a servant-leader disposition, this book analyzes the way that leadership has evolved. The characteristics of a servant-leader are categorized into five primary capacities, each with a focus on holistic listening and path-finding foresight. Servant-leaders in Training is essential reading for scholars of organizational leadership and management, and those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of servant-leader philosophy more generally.

1. Profoundly Relational, Creative, Holistic, and Integrative.- 2. Human Development.- 3. Leadership Development.- 4. Empathetic and Moral.- 5. Listen-First Seeking Clarity Before Influence.- 6. Pathfinding-Foresight and Systems Thinking.- 7. Nurturing a Servant-Consciousness.

John Henry Horsman is a Senior Lecturer of Organizational Leadership in the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University, USA. With his primary focus being servant-leader formation, John designed the Servant-leader Concentration at Gonzaga University, which invites students on a learning journey to affirm, develop and express their natural inclination to serve-first.

Provides a much-needed global framework for the subject of servant-leadership

Links servant-leadership to human development theories, offering an interdisciplinary approach

Identifies topics for future research