Supply chain management (4th Ed.)


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Illustrating the key drivers in effective supply chain management. Supply Chain Management illustrates the key drivers of good supply chain management in order to help students understand what creates a competitive advantage. This text also provides strong coverage of analytic skills so that students can gauge the effectiveness of the techniques described in the text. To better suit the importance of international business in today's world, the fourth edition contains increased coverage of global supply chain management.
BUILDING A STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK TO ANALYZE SUPPLY CHAINS. Chapter 1. Understanding the Supply Chain. Chapter 2. Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit and Scope. Chapter 3. Supply Chain Drivers and Metrics. DESIGNING THE SUPPLY CHAIN NETWORK. Chapter 4. Designing Distribution Networks and Applications to e-Business. Chapter 5. Network Design in the Supply Chain. Chapter 6. Designing Global Supply Chain Networks. PLANNING DEMAND AND SUPPLY IN A SUPPLY CHAIN. Chapter 7. Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain. Chapter 8. Aggregate Planning in a Supply Chain. Chapter 9. Sales and Operations Planning: Planning Supply and Demand in a Supply Chain. PLANNING AND MANAGING INVENTORIES IN A SUPPLY CHAIN. Chapter 10. Managing Economies of Scale in a Supply Chain, Cycle Inventory. Chapter 11. Managing Uncertainty in a Supply Chain: Safety Inventory. Chapter 12. Determining the Optimal Level of Product Availability. DESIGNING AND PLANNING TRANSPORTATION NETWORKS. Chapter 13. Transportation in a Supply Chain. MANAGING CROSS-FUNCTIONAL DRIVERS IN A SUPPLY CHAIN. Chapter 14. Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain. Chapter 15. Pricing and Revenue Management in a Supply Chain. Chapter 16. Information Technology in a Supply Chain. Chapter 17. Coordination in a Supply Chain.