The Essentials of Supply Chain Management
New Business Concepts and Applications


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504 p. · 21x26 cm · Hardback

This is the indispensable introduction to supply chain management for tomorrow’s leaders and managers. Professor Hokey Min focuses on modern business strategies and applications, transcending obsolete logistics and purchasing-driven approaches still found in many other books.


Focusing on outcomes throughout, Min demonstrates how to achieve continuous organizational success by applying modern supply chain concepts and best practices. Reflecting extensive recent experience working with leading practitioners, he introduces proven methods for understanding and solving real supply chain problems.


You’ll master an integrated Total System Approach that places functions like inventory control and transportation squarely in context. Step by step, Min shows how to smoothly integrate internal and external functions, and how to establish effective inter-firm cooperation and strategic alliances. Along the way, he addresses crucial issues ranging from sustainability to risk management and metrics, and offers expert guidance on building your career in this vitally important field.

  • Principles, strategies, big pictures, and ultimate goals
    Build global supply chains that maximize customer value and competitive advantage
  • Successfully integrate and manage core supply chain functions
    Master modern demand planning, inventory, warehousing, transportation, sourcing, and logistics
  • Go global: Leverage the opportunities, manage the risks
    From high-level principles to import/export paperwork and contract management
  • Build a responsible, sustainable, and ethical supply chain
    Understand the triple bottom line, green supply chains, and more
  • Measure performance: KPIs, SCOR, balanced scorecards, and more
    Link supply chain and business performance–and continually improve them both




  • Focuses on maximizing organizational success, business performance, customer satisfaction, and quality
  • Reflects up-to-date theory, practice, and examples–NOT obsolete “logistics” or “purchasing” approaches
  • Covers all facets of the integrated global supply chain, from sourcing and logistics to marketing and strategic alliances

This concise, practical guide introduces modern supply chain management as it really is: an innovative way to achieve competitive advantage, not just another word for operations, purchasing, or logistics.


Through up-to-date examples, students and managers will learn how to integrate all key elements of supply chain management, from sourcing and logistics to sales/marketing and global partnerships.


You’ll master all the crucial concepts and best practices you need to succeed in modern supply chain management. Min offers deep insights about how modern supply chains and networks fit together, shows how to assess supply chain practices and performance, and introduces a systematic approach to thinking through supply chain problems–and solving them.


Min examines crucial issues ranging from resiliency, sustainability, and risk management to the legal, ethical, and environmental aspects of supply chain operations. He also offers indispensable practical guidance for students and frontline managers seeking to pursue professional certification and build successful careers.


Chapter 1: Principles of Supply Chain Management   1
Chapter 2: Supply Chain Strategy: The Big Picture   37
Chapter 3: Customer Service: The Ultimate Goal of Supply Chain Management   61
Chapter 4: Demand Planning and Forecasting   89
Chapter 5: Inventory Control and Planning   127
Chapter 6: Warehousing   175
Chapter 7: Transportation Planning   221
Chapter 8: Sourcing   265
Chapter 9: Logistics Intermediaries   319
Chapter 10: Global Supply Chain Management   343
Chapter 11: Legally, Ethically, and Socially Responsible Supply Chain Practices   389
Chapter 12: Measuring the Supply Chain Performance   419
Chapter 13: Emerging Technology in Supply Chain Management   441
Index   469