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The revised second edition of this successful text provides a broad and balanced coverage of both analog and digital electronics, covering all important and up-to-date topics taught in most first and second-year undergraduate engineering course today. The book features analysis and design of discrete and inegrated analog circuits, and an introduction to combinational and sequential logic. Coverage of Analog/Digital interfacing, the 16-bit microprocessor, its operations and applications, is provided, as well as an introduction to PSpice.

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1. An Introduction to Semiconductor Devices.
2. The Common Emitter Amplifier - Biasing.
3. BJT Equivalent Circuits.
4. Field Effect Treansistors.
5. Negative Feedback.Power Amplifiers.
6. Analog Circuits.
7. Operational Amplifier Properties.
8. Application of Operational Amplifiers.
9. Sinusoidal Oscillators.
10. Nonsinusoidal Waveform generators.
11. An Introduction to Digital Electronics -Combinational Logic.
12. Combinational Logic Applications.
13. Flip Flops.
14. Counters and Registers.
15. Asynchronous Sequential Circuits.
16. Digital IC Families .
17. Semiconductor Memories.
18. Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog conversion.
19. DCPower Supplies and Other Diode Applications.
20. A Microprocessors System and Its Instruction Set.
21. Microprocessors Input/Output - The Peripheral Interface Adapter.
22. The Intel 8088 Microprocessor.
This revised edition contains updated coverage of Gallium Arsenide, instrumentation amplifiers and active filters and the 55 Tuner. An appendix introduces the student to PSpice.