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Control systems engineering. Modelling physical systems-differential equation models. Transfer-function models. State models. System simulation. Stability. Performance criteria and some effects on feedback. Root locus techniques. Frequency response techniques. Cascade controller design. Controller design variations. Nonlinear models and simulation. Nonlinear analysis techniques. The applications of discrete-event control techniques. Design examples.

1. Control Systems Engineering.

2. Modeling Physical Systems: Differential Equation Models.

3. Transfer-Function Models.

4. State Models.

5. Simulation.

6. Stability.

7. Performance Criteria and Some Effects of Feedback.

8. Root-Locus Techniques.

9. Frequency-Response Techniques.

10. Cascade Controller Design.

11. Controller Design Variations.

12. Nonlinear Models and Simulation.

13. Nonlinear Systems: Analytical Techniques.

14. The Application of Discrete-Event Control Techniques.

15. Design Examples.

Appendix A: Angles and Intercepts of Root-Locus Asymptotes.

Appendix B: MATLAB: Introductory Information.

This very accessible text integrates realistic examples throughout its presentation of control systems engineering. By employing the remarkable capabilities of today's computers and programming techniques, the authors describe methodologies for reducing computational difficulties and improving insight into essential areas of study. It maintains a careful balance between theory and practice and uses MATLAB and SIMULINK where appropriate. It presents three system design studies that utilize techniques presented throughout the book, including an automobile cruise control system, a phase-locked motor speed control system, and a system to control the orbit of a satellite.