CDMA IS/95 for cellular & PCS : technology, applications & ressource guide


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274 p. · 19x24 cm · Hardback
Cellular and PCS technology. CDMA systems operation. CDMA mobile phone operations. CDMA networks. Testing requirements. Marketing and economics. Key features and services. Appendices : CDMA telephone manufacturers. CDMA system suppliers. CDMA component suppliers. CDMA radio and network specifications.
Cellular and PCS Technology. CDMA Systems Operation. CDMA Mobile Phone Operations. CDMA Networks. Test Requirements. Marketing and Economics. Key Features and Services. Appendices: CDMA Telephone Manufacturers. CDMA System Suppliers. CDMA Component Suppliers. CDMA Radio and Network Specifications.
This book is about CDMA, the most advance of the wireless standards and a key component of PCS networks. It makes CDMA accessible to practicing engineers and telecommunications managers. It includes a concise listing of all CDMA radio and network specifications and a listing of all major CDMA equipment suppliers.