Communications network test and measurement handbook


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Introduction to digital communication systems and networks. Introduction to digital communications technologies. Basic tests and measurements in digital communications. Digital communications test and measurement instruments. Network test and measurement systems. Glossary.

Part 1: Introduction Network Technologies and Performance.
Part 2: lNetwork Test and Measurement. Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements. Conformance and Interoperability Testing.
Part 3: Wide Area Networks. PDH Networks: Principles of Digital Transmission. Frame Relay. Integrated Services Digital Network. Broadband communications and Asynchronous Transfer Mode. ATM Testing, Deployment of ATM-Based Services. ATM Layer Testing. An Introduction to Synchronous Signals and Netowkrs.
Part 4: Local Area Networks. Private Network Technologies. Private Networks Performance Testing. Network Interconnection Technologies and Testing.
Part 5: Cellular Networks. Cellular Measurement Strategies. Cellular Measurement Descriptions. Cellular Network Life Cycle Testing.
Part 6: Basic Telecommunication Technologies. Fiber Optic elements. Timing and Delay Jitter. Protocol Analysis.
Part 7: Network Test Instrumentation. Analog Measurement Instrumentation. Bit Error Rate Measurement and Error Performance Analysis. Protocol Analyzers. Optical Element Testers. distributed Network Monitoring. SDH and SONET Analyzers. Signaling System 7 (SS7) Testing.
Part 8: Network Management. Local Area Network Management and PErformance Monitoring. SS7 Signaling Monitoring Systems. Glossary. Index. Measurements in Digital Communications. Digital Communications Test and Measurement Instruments. Network Test and Measurement Systems.
As digital communications networks grow in use throughout the world, the importance of accurate, reliable test and measurement procedures has increased tremendously. This massive handbook sits at the intersection of computer, communications, and measurements technologies, providing a single comprehensive reference for the test, measurement, and monitoring tools critical to network performance.