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A smart but approachable guide to wireless technology that provides extensive instructions and tips on various wireless devices helping keep users connected instead of confused!

  • There is growing evidence that reveals wireless users feel manufacturers could do more to demonstrate how to use their devices effectively, according to a Context-Based Research Group study. A clear but reader-friendly guide on why to buy and utilize wireless devices could be the answer these users are looking for.
  • A book that covers several popular wireless tools is a great value for many users that own more than one device or know they will buy more devices in the future.
  • This practical reference will focus on several fruitful, task-oriented explanations for each highlighted device (e.g. sending or beaming data between a PC and PDA).
The Complete Idiots Guide to Wireless Computing and Networking can help both the wireless neophyte and gadget junky alike. From choosing and buying the right wireless device to learning the most rewarding and effective tasks each device can perform, this basic, how-to book can be a reliable reference for anyone trying to avoid wireless pitfalls while utilizing the benefits of the technology.

Paul Heltzel is a seasoned journalist who has contributed an impressive list of technology articles for such magazines and Web sites as CNN Interactive, PC World, Business 2.0 and MIT Technology Review, moreover, he has written for the tech sections of The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the New York Times on the Web. Paul has also presented on wireless in online articles like Hot Tips for Road Warrior, Introduce Your PDA to Monday Night Football, Track Friends by Phone, and How it Works: Satellite Internet Access. He has published two books with Sams: How to Use Microsoft Frontpage 2000, and How to Use Microsoft Frontpage 2002.


1. Before You Disconnect: What Is Wireless Computing?
What It Is: The Wide World of Wireless. Disconnecting: Why Go Wireless? Stationary and Mobile Wireless Devices. What Kind of Wireless User Are You? Leaving Cords Behind. Ways to Make Wireless Work for You. What to Do Now?

2. Avoiding Wireless Speed Bumps.
Bandwidth Blues. Sometimes Wireless Is Faster. Getting Coverage Off the Beaten Path. Dont Overlook Cheaper Wired Options. Trading Convenience for Speed. Wireless Security. Satellite vs. Cable or DSL. Going Wireless When Wired Will Do. Incompatibility.

3. Unplug and Stay Connected.
Taking the Net on the Road: Mobile Options. Adding Mobile Accessories. Creating a Wireless Local Area Network. Different Kinds of Wireless Networks.

4. Research and Buying.
Budget This: How Much Can You Spend? I Dont Have That: Deciding What You Need. What to Look for in a Two-Way Pager. What to Look for in Laptops. What to Look for in a Wireless Network. Where to Buy.

5 Serious Research: Finding More About Wireless Options.
Determining Expenses. Avoiding Mistakes. Finding the Best Bang for Your Buck. What to Do Now.


6. Gearing Up for Wireless on the Move.
Technology to Go. Staying Connected on the Road. Sending E-Mail on the Go. Savvy Shopper: Buying Before You Go. A Mobile Toolkit: Wireless Accessories. Where to from Here?

7. Staying Connected on the Go.
Staying Connected on a Budget. WAP Your Head Around This: Browse on the Run. Dry Run: Testing Before You Go. Five Common Wireless Oversights. Wired or Wireless? Five Tips for Staying Connected.

8. Choosing a Handheld.
High Five: Palm OS Devices. Other Palm Handhelds. Take a PC: Windows Handhelds. Other Contenders. General Concerns.

9. Ring Up the Web.
Minibrowsing: Smart Phones. How to Choose a Web Phone. Picking a Smart Phone ISP. Disconnect: Wireless Modems. Modems: Picking a Provider.

10. Wireless E-Mail Devices.
E-Mail on the Run. Take It to the RIM. Talk Amongst Yourselves. Phones on the Run. Choosing a Plan. Checking Out WAP. E-Mail Alone. Whats Next?


11. Safe and Secure in the Wireless Blue Yonder.
Safe Computing at Home. Secure Computing.

12. Wireless Broadband.
Fast Phones: 3G Speed on the Go. GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). One-Way Satellite: Speed at Home. Two-Way Satellite. Stationary Broadband.

13. Starting a Wireless Network.
Starting a Home Network. Peer-to-Peer or Infrastructure? Installing Your Card. Installing Software. Enabling Encryption. Adding an Access Point.

14. Maintaining Wireless Networks.
Adding Equipment. More on Hubs and Routers. About Security. Multimedia over Your Network.

15. Home Network Walkthrough.
What Do You Need to Install? Installing TCP/IP for Windows 95/98/Me. Identifying Your Computer. Starting Printer and File Sharing. Sharing a Folder. Setting Up Windows 2000. Troubleshooting Your Setup.

16. Finding Your Way.
Connecting to a GPS Receiver. Take the Internet with You. Wireless Travel. Movies and Entertainment. Wireless Shopping. One-Stop Surfing: Portals.

17. Beaming with Pride.
Wireless Transfer on the Go. Beaming Other Data. Making Friends: Pocket PCs and Palm Handhelds. Synching Up Your PDA or Phone. Synch Through a Web Site.

18. Wireless Road Tricks.
Sending a Fax. Services Offering Fax Capability. Backing Up Data. Portable Wireless Networking. Taking It with You (Offline Browsing). Where to from Here?