DC power supplies : a technician's guide


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326 p. · 24x19.3 cm · Hardback
Introduction to Electronic Power Circuits. Doing Electronics. Electrical Safety. Basic Electrical Concepts. Batteries. Electrical Power. Systems. Keeping It Cool Keeps It Reliable. Transformers. Rectifiers: Operation and Selection. Simple Ripple Filter Circuits. Switching, Metering and Control. Discrete Voltage Regulator Circuits. IC Voltage Regulator Circuits. Variable DC Power Supplies. Power Supply Protection (OVP/I-Limiting). Practical DC Power Supply Projects. Power Supply Construction. High-Voltage DC Power Supplies. Remote, Portable and Emergency DC Power Supplies.
This book teaches the theory of DC power supply circuit electronics and provides hands-on experiments and projects that will give the technician practical experience building and working with these circuits. It provides the necessary theory and the practical hands-on experiments and projects that allow the reader to really master the subject of electronic power supplies. It uses actual real-world components and component values that are easily available.