Design of CMOS Operational Amplifiers


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CMOS operational amplifiers (Op Amps) are one of the most important building blocks in many of today’s integrated circuits. This cutting-edge volume provides you with an analytical method for designing CMOS Op Amp circuits, placing emphasis on the practical aspects of the design process. This unique book takes an in-depth look at CMOS differential amplifiers, explaining how they are the main part of all Op Amps. The book presents important details and a design method for the different architectures of single ended Op Amps. You find complete chapters dedicated to the critical issues of CMOS output stages, fully differential Op Amps, and CMOS reference generators. This comprehensive book also includes an introduction to CMOS technology and the basics of the physical aspects of MOS transistors, providing you with the foundation needed to fully master the material.
Basic Specifications of Op Amps. CMOS Differential Amplifiers. CMOS Single-Ended Output Op Amps. CMOS Fully Differential Op Amps. CMOS Output Stages. CMOS Reference Generators.