Fiber optic communications


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Basic electromagnetic field concepts. Cylindrical waveguides. Lasers and optical amplifiers. Optical detectors. Receiver noise considerations. Optical fiber systems. Coherent lightwave communications. Detection systems. Wide area wave division multiplexing. Image channel rejection. Coherent detection.
Preface. Acronyms. Introduction. Basic Electromagnetic Field Concepts. Cylindrical Waveguide. Lasers and Optical Amplifiers. Optical Detectors. Receiver Noise Considerations. Optical Fiber Systems (General). Coherent Lightwave Communications. Discussion of Systems. New Horizons for Coherent Detection. Index.
This book provides a practice-oriented design viewpoint with detailed coverage of the math and statistics needed to create these systems. It contains detailed treament of WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing)issues, coherent detection/optical heterodyne system coverage