Handbook of Power Management Circuits

Coordinators: Kobayashi Haruo, Nabeshima Takashi

Language: Anglais
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This comprehensive book focuses on DC?DC switching power supply circuits, which are receiving attention as a key technology in green IT, especially in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. It covers buck converters, isolated converters, PFC converters, their modeling and analysis, several control methods, passive components, and their several recent applications (on-chip power supplies, DC?DC and AC?DC converter applications, single-inductor multi-output DC?DC converters, energy harvest applications, wireless power delivery, charge pump circuits, and power amplifiers). The contents are well balanced as the authors are from both academia and industry and include pioneers and inventors of hysteretic PWM control.

Power Supply Circuit Basics

Buck Converter for Low-Voltage Application

Isolated DC–DC Converters

PFC Converter

Modeling and Analysis of Switching Converters

Control Schemes of Switching Converters

Passive Components

On-Chip Voltage Converter

Applications of DC–DC/AC–DC Switching Converters

Single-Inductor Multi-Output DC–DC Converter

A Small, Low-Power Boost Regulator Optimized for Energy-Harvesting Applications

Wireless Power Delivery

Understanding the Efficiency of Switched-Capacitor Power Supply Circuits

Power Amplifier for Terminal

High Power GaN-HEMT for Cellular Base Stations