High-Efficiency Load Modulation Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications


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This cutting-edge resource presents a complete and systematic overview of the practical design considerations of radio frequency (RF) high efficiency load modulation power amplifiers (PA) for modern wireless communications for 4G and beyond. It provides comprehensive insight into all aspects of load modulation PA design and optimization not only covering design approaches specifically for passive and active load modulation operation but also hybrid with dynamic supply modulation and digital signal processing algorithms required for performance enhancement.

Passive load impedance tuner design, dynamic load modulation PA, active load modulation PA and Doherty PA design for efficiently enhancement are explained. Readers find practical guidance into load modulation PA design for bandwidth extension, including video bandwidth enhancement techniques, broadband dynamic load amplifiers, topology selection, design procedures, and network output. This book presents the evolution and integration of classical load modulation PA topologies in order to meet new challenges in the field.
- Call for Efficient Power Amplification
- Tunable Matching Networks
- Dynamic Load Modulation Power Amplifiers
- Active Load Modulation Power Amplifiers
- Load Modulation Design for Efficiency
- Load Modulation Design for Bandwidth
- Evolutions of Load Modulation Power Amplifiers
- Integrated Load Modulation Amplifiers
Zhancang Wang is the owner of Amplifier Frontier Research (AFR) group, driving open discussions of cutting-edge amplifier technologies. He earned his master of electrical engineering degree from Beijing University of Technology, China.